A very few of my experiments are for sale on my website very cheaply if you're interested, as I hate to throw things away. However, selling is not what this blog is about - I'd have starved to death years ago if it was - it would make me happy if you just enjoy the processes.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Blue bums, foggy photos, and something to see in London

I woke up this morning to find I had a blue bum. Well turquoise (Phthalo) to be precise. My immediate reaction as I gazed in the mirror was to wonder who had done that to me, and why. But of course, no one would; it was me. I'm having trouser troubles. A size 16 is too large and a 14 too small (muffin top). A dilemma and of course I solved it by going for the larger size. This means I'm continuously hitching them up, (couldn't wear a belt, as it would look like an elastic band around an egg) and my painty hands must have lost control at some point.

I've been a busy bee in the last week or so and have been tardy with m'blogging for which I apologise!

I went to the Mall Galleries on Tuesday to see the Prism exhibition which was challenging in places and had some lovely work by Ruth Issett (stunning colours - I nearly bought one but couldn't arrange the purchase in time as I had a train waiting) and Prinkie Roberts. (As you know, I did a life drawing class at the weekend, and am in the middle of a painting, so Prinkie's life studies were particularly interesting - scroll to the end of the page)

I missed the fact that my art teacher also had an exhibition on in London at the same time (doh!) If you are in London and have time to spare, it's at the East West Gallery, Blenheim Crescent, London, W11 1NN.

All that excitment and lots of visitors, mean I haven't achieved a lot. I thought I had finished this piece (apologies for the woolly photo - the miasma you can see clouding the image is steam from the dog who broke into a run this morning!) but I decided it needed more and have been painting bits of fabric to make a coloured insert. I think I will then go back to black for the edgings. You might just spot that I had already cut the piece to size in order to put the edging on, so will now have to faff around sorting the back out as well as the front.