A very few of my experiments are for sale on my website very cheaply if you're interested, as I hate to throw things away. However, selling is not what this blog is about - I'd have starved to death years ago if it was - it would make me happy if you just enjoy the processes.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Backgrounds and Bentleys.

This colourwash piece has had the front completed, and now I have to add layers of applied threads and stitch. I may do a burnt overlay, but haven't decided yet.
I had a lovely day in Manchester yesterday visiting First Born. It's a place I didn't like at first glance being a very large and bustling city with it's fair share of problems, but I'm warming to it. There's certainly lots going on, and plenty to do and see.


My DD bought me chocs and loads of flowers for Mother's day, and we went out for lunch and a little walk around. We had some wonderful tapas, and listened to part of a Debussy concert in a local church. There is a music school nearby and this is a venue for those trying to make a name for themselves on the concert front. 

It was all very pleasant, and made even more fun, because as we came out we noticed a small crowd gathered round a huge brand new Bentley parked on double yellow lines outside a bank. The Traffic Warden was issuing a ticket much to the delight of the crowd, who cheered as it went on the windscreen. A very small piece of justice perhaps.