Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Charlecote Park - Tour Part 2

The outside- a busy Bank Holiday. This house was owned by the Lucy family and are famous amongst other things for trying to do for Shakespeare when he was caught poaching deer here.

Iron Work above a gate

Police puppy in training - couldn't resist this one
Lost a glove?

Then onto the inside

The Great Hall (entrance)
detail of marble table
The Dining Room. There is a screen at the side which you could nip behind to relieve yourself if the meal went on a bit.

The Library

The Billiard Room

The Music Room

The Bedroom
The bed is made from ebony - an old Indian sofa.

A bed in the bachelor wing
Lots of nice piccies - Gainsborough for eg


Finally a letter from Oliver Cromwell admonishing his wife to Lucy.

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