Friday, 16 April 2010

Purple flowers and a Water Otter


  1. That reminds me of The Owl, a pub I used to frequent in my mispent youth. In the garden was a water trough with a sign saying, to see the water otter, pull the chain. On the end was, of course, a battered old kettle.

    I saw my first for real water otter last year when we took my Mum out for a stroll by the gravel pits near Waltham Abbey in Essex. It was a good moment.

  2. hmmmm there is some distant memory lurking in my brain somewhere of a joke about a water otter, a boiler and Tarka...early senility has eradicated it for now....

  3. How do I log into your other blog please? You had me fooled, I was expecting the animal not a boiler.

  4. The WestCountryBuddha17 April 2010 at 08:20

    Hello just need to send me your email address...the one you want to sign in with.

    Sue: I've only seen an otter once, in a river not too far from here. Wonderful!

    Clare: Try hard to remember please!! I like a good joke.