Friday, 28 May 2010

Sans bees?

Where the bee sucks, there suck I. (Shakespeare, The Tempest 1611)

Except I can't because I can't find any, let alone enough to make my soul sing.

We have lost 30% of our bees, and whilst I took these photos, I only saw one, crawling slowly along the path.
On QI (TV programme in UK) I heard that if you give a flagging, sleepy, bee some honey, it recovers and carries on it's way.  So when I saw the dying one crawling along the path, I went in search of honey. I didn't have any, so I gave it a dollop of raspberry jam instead. It worked like a dream, and in future, I shall keep honey just to feed to exhausted bees.

Please remember this, and do the same if you can. Save a bee, and be merry.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Baddesley Clinton 2 - The inside

The National Trust have only just begun to allow photos to be taken inside their properties, which is why you have been bombarded with historic house photos! 

This atmospheric house dates from the 15th century and was the home of the Ferrers family for 500 years. The house and interiors reflect its heyday in the Elizabethan era, when it was a haven for persecuted Catholics.  There are three priest's holes. There is a delightful garden with stewponds and a romantic lake and nature walk

The Priest holes.

I have photos of two of the priest holes entrances, and one showing the hiding place below the fireplace.

The flag stones in the picture are in fact attached to a board which lifts like a trapdoor to allow access. Difficult to see especially if you light a fire on top.

This one has a trap door which is visible in front of the alter. It's a small private chapel off of one of the bedroom. The larger family chapel is next door. Very religious family. 

This is where the fireplace priest hole ends up. Very tiny, and of course the lights are for our benefit. It would have been dark and smelly. Imagine a few days with no toilet in a confined space.

The third one is in the kitchen but it was too dark for a photo. (no flash allowed) Instead you have a table set for making apple pies. The recipe book is written by the lady of the house and all the recipes are in rhyme. This made it easier for the servants to remember as by and large they couldn't read.

The living room. Lovely fire.

The dining room. The hand shows a silver stirrup cup being turned over for use. It stand on it's head using it's snout and two ears like a tripod. You can just see it the right way up in the first photo.

 This wooden sideboard is used for storing linen but would have been for drink.

A very early decorative glass panel. Amazing detail.

The drawing room with piano and sewing box

One of the bedrooms with a four poster bed. That panel on top looks very heavy. I know if I was sleeping there, I'd be really worried about it falling on me.

The family chapel

Random photos: Books, and clothing of the time.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Baddesley Clinton 1 - The Outside

The insides, plus priest holes tomorrow.

The moated entrance. Full of fish, ducks and weed.

I'm a sucker for a wysteria. Glorious to stand there with the sun on my back listening to the bees and drinking in the heady fragrance.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Prize Purchase and crowds.

I've just bought a prized possession on Ebay! This will be used to display my chained library.  People will be invited to browse through the books I've made. There will be a heading along the lines of...."these may not be art, but are a way of making it"

Crowd scenes of people doing things. Great stuff for a painting I want to show at a competition next year. It's that great favourite with me, the Leamington Peace Festival.