Saturday, 28 August 2010

Snippets from Manchester.

I was told today that Birthdays are good for you. It's a proven fact apparently, because the more you have the longer you live!

I went to Manchester today to see DD1 and to celebrate her birthday.

I used to think I was a country girl but really I would miss the hubbub and bustle of a town, so I guess I'm not any more. But, there are limits, and Manchester is a large city and is too busy for me, certainly to live in. However, it's delightful to see it's people who are wonderously adventurous in many many middle aged women with red hair, so many young ladies walking round Primarkani in their hair rollers, and let's face it, it is a city that MUST have a wonderful climate with lots of sunshine, because all the people have such strong tans. Mind you, I think it must be pollution that turns the effects of the suns rays a lively orange colour.

We had lunch in footballers/wags restaurant land, a most enlightening experience. It was hard not to stare. Here's me pud! Thats a layer of cream and strawberries topped with meringue, then a layer of strawberry ice cream, then a layer of more meringue, topped with cream, sauces and toasted almonds. Burp.

DD's dessert came with a candle and three gorgeous waiters to sing her Happy Birthday.

Manchester, as far as I can tell, didn't suffer from the Luftwaffe in quite the same way as say, Coventry, Bristol, or London, and so many of the older buildings remain, sandwiched between the usual high rises.

This little chap on the left was climbing up the outside of a bank.

Finally, have a look at this brewery chimney which was in the car park. We parked underneath it so we could find the car easily, but had our fingers crossed that the chimney wouldn't fall down on it! 

What I wanted to show you is about half way up...can you see it? It's a buddlea growing out the brickwork. Isn't nature truly brilliant?

Very little to live on up there, and precious few butterflies to attract, but give life a go eh?


  1. That's a very resilient buddleia. You must have good eyesight to spot it! I'm still chuckling at your post :) That dessert is very serious. I don't think I would have managed it all. (Now I don't know how to get out of saying that cos now you'll think I'm saying you're a pig. Oink!) Snort! ;o) Please don't hit me!

  2. Love your blog title, Annabel. Thanks for the photos of Manchester, where I have never been, of course.
    Hopefully, I'll get back to England sometime in the forseeable future -- and maybe I'll encounter you the next time! Anyvay, I'm
    glad you had a laugh from that silly road sign I posted.

  3. Thanks Rayna! Sorry I missed you. I did look out for you at foq because I knew you'd be teaching. I scanned the lists but couldn't see you, so you escaped me leering at you through closed doors!! Next year, all us bloggers should get together for tea and buns.