Monday, 9 August 2010

Stroll with a rain cloud

I've decided to try and get some regular exercise now that I don't have the dog to take me for walk.  DH and I went for our usual cup of tea at Charlecote Park but decided to have a constitutional and a stride out around the park, looking for deer which we found (below)

Unfortunately the sky started to look very black, and it seemed that our very own personal rain cloud was following us around. Eventually it caught up with us and a deluge followed.

We ran for the sanctuary of the Orangery and a cup of finest Twinings.

It's not possible - because I didn't think of it when I took the piccies - to show you the scale of this. It's a little play house and is just taller than DH's 6 foot, but not that much.....say 8/9 foot high.  You'd have to bend down to get through the door.

It belonged to the children of the Lucy family who must have had such an amazing time in it. It's got little tables and chairs and a tiny tea service etc. Even it's own fireplace - which works!

Finally another tree. I thought it looked fabulous and stark. All the photos were taken with my new phone...which I can just about understand.


  1. Pretty impressive photos for a phone! That summer house is just the right size for me ;)

  2. What a delightful playhouse. I'm enjoying these visits to NT properties that I'm unlikely to get to in person. Somehow, getting out of London is quite an obstacle...