Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Upton portraits

Yesterday was another shameless day spent in pursuit of pleasure and tea. I've posted about Upton House before so will leave only a link here.

I like to visit as there are two of my favourite portraits there. The first I've also shown you before of a rather charming young man dressed in red indian gear garnered from the States during the 19th century. Again, I long for time travel.

The second portrait I adore for the skill involved in painting it. It's of Martin Ruze and was painted in 1612 by Frans Pourbus the Younger. If you look very closely at the brush strokes, it's a marvel and makes me feel that my attempts are clumsy and overworked. You can't see a great deal of detail of the fabrics in the photo, but trust me, they are wonderful!

I have begun to try and work on the painted textile piece and have realised the information I have available in the Muybridge photos isn't sufficient enough.

So I am taking the enormous step of paying for a model to pose for me. Exciting stuff!


  1. sounds like a wonderful idea! how great to have a model wholly to your self!

  2. Hi - thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment about my painting of Donovan Bailey. I will enjoy looking through your blog as well!