Friday, 3 September 2010

Blubber all over Mr Darcy

I am heaving big sighs today, having just waved farewell to my youngest daughter this morning who is off to Rome to live and work.

I'm so proud and happy that she has the strength to follow her dreams but just for today I feel tearful.  I shall try and look forward to holidays in the sunshine from now on.

I had an early birthday present from her - a book on Jane Austen's life - and it was wrapped in the wrapping paper you see here. What could be better than presents wrapped in Mr Darcy?


  1. Well done you for giving her the confidence to follow her dreams and poor you for that particular dream being overseas. Though I think I could be happy visiting Rome every so often...

  2. I've just realised, that's Elba behind my hat, a quick taste of Italy!

  3. A momentous day for you Annabel and what an adventure for your daughter. Just console yourself with the thought of lovely sunshiney holidays :o)

  4. When I was eagerly striking out on my own adventures away from home, I have to admit, I never stopped to think how Mom might be reacting. Oh, I knew she missed me and all, but it is very likely she spent some days just like you have and me none the wiser. Mom's can be great at making you feel you can do anything or so clingy that they smother. Bravo for letting the daughter go; tearful sighs certainly allowed.