Thursday, 14 October 2010

Gloucester Cathedral and Crucible exhibition- part 3

The last posting for this exhibition. Once again, I've done my best to marry the artist to the sculpture, but a few got a bit hazy.

 Anthony Abrahams. Walking.

Marc Quinn. The Artists Eye

Helaine Blumenfeld. Flight.

Michael Cooper. Bear

Joe Rush. Moa Bike (in case you can't quite see, this one is made up from motorcycle parts...the tank is a Royal Enfield)

David Mach.  Calvary.

Steve Dilworth. Evolution 1 (porpoise)

John Sydney Carter. Falling Man 9/11

Nick Bibby. Rodrigues Giant Tortoise.

Joe Rush. Hornbill. (not sure if this is the correct artist for this one!)

 Bryan Kneale. Crucible

Brian Kneale. Shrine of Daedalus

 Marcus  Harvey. Nike

 Steven Gregory. Till Death Do Us Part.

John Buck.Ship to Shore Maquette

John Buck. Noah and the Raven.

Christie Brown. Lost and Found.

Terrance Coventry. Ganet Head Maquette

John Humphries. Pontius Pilate. (it really is elongated and isn't my photo. Brilliant)


  1. Wow looks like an amazing exhibition in an equally amazing and unusual venue!

  2. Yet more stunning sculptures! Thanks for showing them here Annabel.

  3. fabulous photos - thanks for posting these annabel - the sculptures look just amazing xxx

  4. What a fantastic exhibition. How long is it on for? Thank you for posting your photo's.

  5. Pontious looks like my father (that sort of stacks up). I loved the water/stainless one in one of the other posts, what a fabulous font it would make.
    Others I found harsh, others I loved.

  6. Great Blog Annabel, I have left a link to some photographs I took which I thought you may like:

    Let me know.

    James xx