Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Gloucester Cathedral and Crucible exhibition- part 2

Moving on from Gormley and Hirst,(yesterday's posting) there were 74 other sculptures in the cathedral...but don't worry, they're not all here!!

I've posted images of the ones I liked the best, with just the name of the artist next to them. (I've done my best to remember which is which but it's possible there's mistakes)

Marc Quinn. Waiting for Godot.

Jonathan Kenworthy. The Samburu Moran (warrior)

Close up of piece above. 

 Don Brown. Yoko XIX

Steve Hurst. Tower of Babel

Steve Hurst. Ship Of Fools.

Ralph Brown. Clochard

Jon Buck. You and Me.

And finally for today, a piece called The Fast Supper, by Abigail Fallis.  The first photo is an overall one, then close ups of the details.

I forgot to count the hands but I guess there's about 22, made out of papier mache.

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