Friday, 15 October 2010

Gloucester Cathedral.....the four I forgot, and the other bits!

I found another 4 photos I'd forgot to download yesterday, so have added them here.

Possibly David Backhouse. Shrouded figure 1.

John Sydney Carter. Large Scissor Form
William Pye. Meniscus.
The great thing about this one is the water was pumped from the bottom up to the top which was probably stainless steel or something of the kind. It was so flat  you couldn't see the water moving across the top until it emerged  just where the dome is carved on its sides. The water splits into funnels and pours down onto what looks like a large brillo pad! This gives the effect of whispering water.

How could I forget this huge one.

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi. Vulcan.

 And now back to the Cathedral itself.

This inscription goes with the chap above.

This wasn't part of the art exhibition either, but I had to show you as I thought these three paintings were wonderful. The explanation which I also photographed explains it all.

Carried on Queen Elizabeth 2 coronation. Huge. Silver. Imposing.

There is now a selection of interior photos to give you a feel for the cathedral. The only other one I'd like to comment on is the tomb for Edward 2.1284-1327. (on the right) He has connections to where I live, as one of his supposed lovers came from around here. (Piers Gaveston). We have a Gaveston Road and a Northumberland Avenue in the town.

Edward 2 was supposedly homosexual or at least bisexual (he fathered 5 children by 2 women) He was deposed by his wife who had him murdered. Particularly nasty story about a red hot poker being shoved up his bum in Berkeley Castle.

This one shows the Damien Hirst statue in situ. If you look through the arch in the middle of the photo, it's in the distance.

Fan vaulted ceilings for those in search of inspiration for icing wedding cakes, or Harry Potter fans.

That Hirst piece again at the back of the Choir stalls.

The carved wood behind the choir stalls.


  1. I would love to see the whispering water feature. Very powerful paintings and an equally powerful building. I've been to Gloucester but never to the Cathedral. Maybe one day....

    Hope you soon get over your cold.