Saturday, 6 November 2010

Rome. Starting with the Spanish Steps.

Top tips when visiting Rome:

Wear sensible shoes which allow for expansion and have enough grip to hold you upright on newly washed wet marble. We walked between 8 and 9 hours a day; feet swell.

Everything is close at hand and the Metro is brilliant. Buy bottled water from the vending machines here as it's cheap.

Take plenty of money. Cafe at the bar is a couple of Euros. Sit down inside and it goes up to 7 Euros; have it outside on the pavement and it rockets to 15 Euros.  Light lunch for 3 costs about £50. Not much for children IMHO.

Spanish steps. You can see the 7 hills of Rome from the top.

Church at top of steps is Triniti del Monti.

Chapel of St John Baptiste and Orsini Chapel

From the Spanish Steps, we walked down the road you can see in the first photo.

Lots of good shops including much English tailoring. This dress by Yves Saint Lauren was  7,800 Euros and the shoes (check out the mohican style heels) were 695 Euros.

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