Saturday, 6 November 2010

Walking about Rome, making your feet swell. The Colosseum,

Rome is a very beautiful place; we liked it enormously. If you get the choice between going to Rome or Birmingham, choose Rome. Clean, delightful things to see and do, and lovely people. Coffee good, tea not so good. (first time I've ever had tea in an espresso cup...I usually like a trough)

 I want to know, how on earth it is, that nearly everyone we came across immediately started speaking English to us. We had no ID, no cultural accessories (union jack knickers etc), and were mostly silent. There is obviously that about us which identifies us to others...but what?

The tour touts and beggars around this little lovely were a bit too much. Grow a thick skin, and ignore them.


We were a bit mean and didn't want to pay to go inside, especially as there was so much free stuff to see around it.

 This is archeology. Not a building site.

Fountain of the Four Rivers, Piazza Navona.

Sculpture by Bernini.

River Tevere, which runs through the centre of Rome.The Underground pops up at this point and travels over the bridge before disappearing again.

Public transport is excellent; quick, clean and on time. A ticket costs 1 Euro and lasts for 75 minutes.

Not sure what this is. We thought it was the local Magistrates Court.

Castel Sant Angelo

The outside of the Vatican. A nice place to sit in the sunshine and watch the people go by.
It was evening, but still very warm.


  1. Thank you ffa....; I couldn't link to your site as I don't understand Japanese and couldn't find a translate button. Soz!

  2. Thanks for this blog post, it cracked me up - both the union jack knickers mention and the claim that public transportation is clean and on time! You english folk do have a great sense of humour!

  3. Thanks Alexandra. Aha, irony. In all honesty though, we didn't have any problems...but there again, I didn't try the buses!