Thursday, 13 January 2011

Right Royal Recipes which may amuse you.

Whilst sorting through Aunties papers with my nephew recently, he handed me a bunch of old recipes. I suppose they weren't of any interest to him! Fortunately they didn't end up in the bin.

I've copied them here as they might amuse. The headed papers they are written on are equally interesting as they come from the Royal Households, where G.Grandad used to work....he was in service during Edward 7th, George/Mary's time.

I'll do my best at a translation next to each one, as some of the writing isn't clear. You will see I've got stuck sometimes, so if you have any idea of what these things are, perhaps you'd let me know!

Claret, Hock, or Moselle Cup.
Take half a bottle of light claret, still hock or moselle. Add bottle of Apolli??? or Potass water (whatever that is), half a lemon in slices, a very small quantity of saccharine in powder. Cucumber peel or borage. Liquer of old brandy and ice. Still moselle. Beu?castle D? or Tattinger.

 Pickle for Walnuts

To 2 quarts of vinegar put
2oz mace
2oz cloves
1oz black peper
1 oz long ????
1 oz ginger
1oz All spice
2oz common salt.

There you go then, off and pickle some walnuts all of you.
 Salad and Dressing

Lettuce, watercress tomato and little tarragon leaf and small spring onion. Pound up in salad bowl - yolk of hardboiled egg, one teaspoonful of lemon juice, one of Harvey or Worcester sauce, mustard, pepper and salt - as desired.

If sweet salad preferred add teaspoonful of ????glycerine, one dozen prawns may be added to this salad if required.
Unspecified delights

 I have no idea what this is the recipe for but it sounds pretty revolting. It was obviously a favourite with someone. The other side of the paper has the crest for the Royal Yacht Osborne and pencil markings "HRH The Duke of York" and then the beginnings of a list with numbers on the left hand side, and a tally of £, shillings, and pence on the other.

2 currants, 1 Raspberries 29oz water. Simmer, boil, 20 minutes.
After through a sieve
1 1/2 loaf sugar. pour juice over. put on fire with a stick of vanilla. Skim it.
1/4 sago flour, 2oz corn flour, mixed with 1/2 pint of ???? and half pint claret.

For a Ham weighing 12 lbs.

1 lb coarse sugar, 2lbs coarse salt, 1 pint of old beer, 1/2 oz mixed spice, 1/2 oz pepper, 1/2oz saltpetre.

Fub the ham well with the pickle and turn them every other day. Keep them in 1 month. This is sufficient for two or three hams after the first one comes out. Let ham dry well before they are smoked.

Because, we all buy our hams in 12lb hunks.


  1. Love old recipes - some of the best cakes come from 'Radiation Cookery' (from the gas board before you ask)
    Ian is very fond of 'Wickled Palnuts' -or bags of dirt as they're called in his family.

  2. Wickled it, but I love bags of dirt more. Very descriptive! You wouldn't touch a book called radiation cookery these days would you.....I wonder why the old recipes for baking are the best?

  3. Oooo I've been looking forward to this post. I do love old recipes... the history, the glimpse into kitchens where cooking was a whole day's work (I would love a full time cook).

    I especially love the mystery and intrigue where you have to work out what has been 'assumed' and left out...

    The pickled walnuts do sound good, I may try them!