Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Calke Abbey - Part 3. Curtains, books and wallpaper.

The Caricature room. This is a strange room pasted with caricatures that looks as if they've been cut from magazines.

I wasn't able to get close enough to make out many of them, which was a great pity as the social commentary would have been interesting.

Up the stairs and into the Dining Room and Breakfast room.

Like the whole of this part of the house, the walls are plastered with oil paintings in rich gold frames.

There's some panoramic views of Naples which we stood looking at wondering if they were by a famous artist, but no, they were bought as a job lot from a pub in Leicester. Apparently you did that in those days.

The Drawing room, unaltered since 1856,  and the saloon which is a crowded private museum and also remains unchanged., and was on yesterdays posting.

The curtains in the saloon were of especial interest. The hanging parts of them have been painstakingly recreated to mirror the original fabric, but the pelmets and trimmings are original. Because the room was very dark the colour doesn't look as vibrant, but the sofa shows a better colouring...a bright yellow.

I thought the sofa and cushions went rather well too! They looked quite modern though.

The library is on the right.

and I guess you can imagine how much I liked these old books...even if my mind did stray briefly to altering them with a bit of paint and oil pastel!

Finally for today, The Boudoir.

This is the last bit of the house that remains in this condition; the rest of the rooms are as the owners left them. They seemed to fill them with junk and then simply shut the door and move on. More of that on the next posting.

The thing about this is room is the wallpaper which is original. Do you like the green colour? It's made with arsenic, and was toxic.

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