Saturday, 30 April 2011

Bad day to dye!

I wasn't going to be, but, ended up glued to that Wedding Thingy yesterday.

I wanted to spend the day dyeing and tried to do both things at the same time which probably explains why the dyeing colours turned out to be a bit odd. Oh, I was also making batches of ice cream too. I might have got a little distracted!

The colours I was after were a turquoise blue with orange.

The orange mix I sometimes use is 1tsp fuchsia or magenta and 2tps yellow or gold mixed; the blue was a straight forward turquoise from the pot.

The 4 batches had differing amounts of the dye mixes in each.

So three colours mixed, should mean that all the dyed pieces go together. Not on this occasion. I like the texture of space dyeing as opposed to low emersion/bag/bottle dyeing, and am pleased with that,  but the colour results are a little grim.

Ode to Annabel by Procion MX dyes in turquoise, yellow and magenta.
(sort of!)

When shall we three meet again?
We worked her hard, but all in vain.

When the hurlyburly's done,
When the battle's lost and won.
When dye is cast into the soda measure
You reaped no luck and gained grim pleasure.

Fair is foul and foul is fair
You didn't love us, you didn't care.
Wedding and ice cream spent your time
You made a mess, try not to whine.


  1. But I love love love them, especially the three to the right. Wanna sell them?!

  2. Looks fine to me as well, though the turquoise looks a little pale. One of my favourite mixes is gradations of turquoise and rust which giving some really zingy teals (double quantities of rust which is a light dye and do strong turquoise in warm conditions.
    Think these would also work well if you did some pure turquoise and pure orange to use as bright highlights.

    No such thing as bad dyed fabrics - jusr fabrics waiting for the right context ion which to use them: if all else fails we can always overdye!

  3. Love the ode and the fabrics look great. As Sandra said, they're just waiting for the right project or someone to love them.