Thursday, 28 April 2011

Easter break and time to start again.

We've had some lovely visitors over the Easter period which means very little has been done on the creative side.

I have a "studio" but when we have visitors, it doubles up as a dining room and means everything has to be cleared away. This is sometimes a good thing, as I get myself into a right old pickle with bits and bobs all over the place, and a good sort out lifts the spirits.

However I'm back in a nice tidy studio again, and whilst I ponder my next creation I thought I'd revisit this painting on the left. I've been playing around with perspectives and colours and have overpainted a few times already. I didn't think it was a good idea to cut the painting into pieces by putting a tent pole on the right hand side, but it's where I want to hang some lanterns for interesting lighting effects (she says, hopefully!)

I think I may take out the chap with dreadlocks playing the guitar at the back and replace him with another drummer seated at a drum set. But, I shall put it aside again for a while to let the paint dry and carry on with a textile piece.

I've signed up for a life drawing class at the beginning of May with Neil Moore as I feel in need of refreshing and learning drawing skills. It's in Shottery which is a very pleasant hamlet just on the outside of Stratford upon Avon town centre. If you fancy sharing the day too and saying hello or catching up, details are on his blog.

I have recently been in touch with an old school friend or two, and am going to make a wall hanging as a present, inspired by Mediterranean colours and lizards. So perhaps a spot of dyeing ought to be next.

I also went to view the Life (Measures of Time) that is currently hanging in the Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum. Very difficult thing to do I think as I always make my own toes curl; one of the reasons I hurtle around the FOQ seeing everyone else's stuff, but avoiding mine. Anybody else ever feel that I wonder?

Just thought I'd leave you with this photo of the Dell. You should have heard the bees on this lot last week!

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