Wednesday, 13 April 2011


This is a page from one of my altered books.

The crosses in the background were put on after seeing a winner in a local art competition. The artist had filled a piece of A3 paper with small crosses done with a biro. I believe it's abstract expressionism, but it's winning caused a furore.

So, I doodled biro crosses on my tulips, which could be cross stitch, amongst text perhaps, rather than abstract expressionism!

 I have some beautiful tulips in the garden at the moment. I love the way the sun shines through the petals to make them glow. So warm, so vibrant.

I thought I would do some preparitory work on a piece involving orange tulips but with the design more as the altered book.

Just thinking out loud for the moment.


  1. Your tulips are stunning, my tulips seem to have been eaten this year, either squirrels or slugs!!

  2. Oh dear! Our squirrels have disappeared. There used to be loads but I think a combination of cats and tree felling has done for them. These bulbs are now 2 years old and I didn't expect to see them again this year because of the hard winter so am delighted by their bright colour. Very cheering! I have some orange fabric that has been looking for a use :)

  3. Love the story about the winner of the art competition. There was a lot of "process drawing" going on in the 1970s - this seems to hark back to that, or perhaps it relates to the work of Jan Fabre, who used up many biros covering large sheets of paper with "scribbles" - not even nice neat crosses!