Sunday, 29 May 2011

Burleigh House - The outside, posting 1

The main posting for Burleigh will follow shortly, but this is a random selection of photos of the outside of the property.

Burleigh House is cracking value for money. It compares very well indeed with most National Trust properties being £13.50 to get in and with much to see and do. It's extremely well kept and looked after by a charitable trust.  If you want to just see the outside; the sculpture garden and the very children friendly Garden of Surprises then it's £7.80. There are all sorts of concessions on these prices.

This posting is a short one with some photos to give you a flavour.

The sculpture garden was good and with many places to sit and enjoy the sunshine if you're lucky enough to have any the day of your visit.

It wasn't especially busy which surprised me, given some of the struggles we have to get in to some of the National Trust properties. I can't think why as I enjoyed my visit enormously.

I was particularly taken with the sculpture.

Above is the stable block (wow!) It's now used as workshops for various conservators, who presumably have low rents and reciprocate with advantageous prices for the massive restorations at Burleigh. 

The Garden of Surprises. A modern development in the spirit of Williams Cecil's beautiful gardens.

Lord Burghley's walks at Theolbalds his Hertfordshire house, were known for avenues and objects of interest including fountains and concealed pipes to spray passers by, a maze, grottoes etc. This modern garden is full of flowing water and fountains which you can control. Children really love it, but there's plenty to amuse the adult too, and getting wet is optional!

A quiet reflective moment by the lake and sculpture garden.
The boat house.
Another random sculpture!  I had camera problems and my other sculpture pictures didn't come out well enough to show you but we counted over 30 exhibits, all of a high standard.

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