Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Collagraphs and Lizards

I was going to start this posting apologising for not having anything new to show you, as I've been having a few days off contemplating my naval.

However, it seems that even when I'm not doing anything, I apparently am!  Left are the collagraphs I've just made waiting to be printed on a pasta machine.

It's a DMTV programme (no affiliation) that's introduced me to this idea. Its a way of printing images using oil paints - or if you're very wealthy - etching ink.

I made the first one, more or less as described, as I wanted to try and grasp the technique. It's a pear in case you can't identify it yet.  Then I set off making the other five. I will show the results in a few days when I've learned about the printing techniques needed.  The last two are of lizards.

A few postings ago I mentioned that I'd been to a school reunion and I'm planning to make a textile piece for an school chum I haven't seen for years. She's particularly fond of lizards, and of the beautiful colours and geography of Menorca.

I'm not sure that the two connect wholly in my mind at the moment, but by way of getting myself into Lizard Mode, I thought I'd start with and Altered Book. As well as the collographs, I have cut out some paper images (right) for screen printing onto fabric.

So today I shall go in search of a suitable book of some kind. I also need to spend some serious money on paintbrushes so I can finish my portraits. I use the unlikely combination of expensive sable water colour brushes with oil paints, which of course wears them out quite quickly. And at £25 a go....well, I have to pace myself!


  1. I want to try this technique too. The Kemshall video was very inspiring and made me re-think the very crude (no, not as in dirty!) collagraphs I've done in the past. Your plates look really good and I shall look forward to seeing how they come out, especially as Laura has posted the instructions for the actual printing. I like your lizards too.

  2. Oh what a shame, it would have been so much fun to have seen some rude etchings!!

    I thought I'd have a go at printing just one today using oil paints to see how it comes out, and if it's ok, I'll buy some etching ink.