Monday, 23 May 2011

Mill Close Gardens, Warwick (with views of the back of Warwick Castle)

I can walk to Warwick quite easily from where I live, and last week we had such a beautiful sunny day, that I decided to walk along the canal towpath to the castle for some exercise.

One of the places I visited was Mill Close Gardens which is at the end of one of the most delightful little roads, full of black and white timbered houses,  nestling under the lee of Warwick Castle.

I don't visit Warwick Castle these days, as though delightful fun if you're in the area, it's £33.60 a ticket which is an unbelievable amount and I'm certainly not paying it. By contrast Mill Close Gardens is £1.50!

The view down the river from a seat in the garden.

 The photos were taken with my phone so might not be the best, but give you a flavour of this tiny oasis in the middle of town.

I understand the garden has featured on the TV many times in programmes such as Gardener's World.

This little shelter made me want to come home and knock down the garden shed and do some rebuilding.

Scroll down a couple of photos to see it's backdrop!  
 The back view of Warwick Castle from the garden gate.

More Castle view from inside the garden.  Imagine being quite so close to a Castle in centuries past.

This is the backdrop to that little shed I wanted to build in my garden.

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