Friday, 6 May 2011

New piece beginning and a walk around my garden.

A couple of posts ago I showed you some of the fabric I'd dyed.

I loved the group of fabrics that turned out to be warm orangey yellow leading to the grey/blue, and have pieced bits of them together alreay to make a piece about chrysanthemums.

I have no major plan/design for this one at this stage, as it is similar in layout to others I've done. I shall just let it grow, even if the subject matter is one I haven't tried before.

The Garden

I thought you might also like a quick tour of the garden, which is small but packed with as much colour as space and ability will allow.

It's that orangey yellow again. Iris and um, a thingy-type plant, whose name I can't remember. Smallus Leafus palmatum horizontallus, I expect!!
Pink: phlox Nettleton variety
Multi: Linaria Neon lights
Blue: veronica of some kind.
 Dwarf acer palmatum and snow in summer.
Orange: lewisia
Lewisia ashwood hybrid
Saxifraga panria
saxifraga elliots variety
 Acer trompenburg
Rhododendron: Mrs Charles E Pearson.

btw when I was 7 I got a gold star for being able to spell why do I have to think about it so hard at 55?

Bottle brush plant which was a Mothers Day and Easter present.


  1. Yummy - garden and fabric - and the piece looks as if it's going places!

  2. love the graduations in the fabric!

  3. The graduations are very effective. I love these garden flowers too. sigh.