Thursday, 30 June 2011

A bit more - getting there slowly.


A little more depth added in the foreground and definition elsewhere, but not finished with it yet. Moving on now to the top of the piece to deal with far distance and trees.


  1. It's looking good so far Annabel. Are you planning any more stitching in the main body of the cloth? I can't see wonderfully clearly from the size of the image but it looks to me as though you have just the right amount of stitching. The 'squinty' test shows a good balance of tone.

  2. Thank you Julie: Because I paint after stitching, sometimes the stitching gets covered in paint and isn't easy to see, but there's loads.

    I use white thread on white cloth so it dyes or paints the same as the background. There is quite a lot of stitching simply because I don't like puffy bits.

    I love the feel of stitched wadding too so always heavily quilt. It has a gorgeous drape to it even if it stiffens slightly with the paint. There is no more stitch to be done on the stones...there isn't anywhere to put any! But there is some more to come on the trees. They have been coloured using fabric paints so I can stitch afterwards and then paint again with my acrylics.

    It's almost impossible with my machine to stitch through acrylic paint. This piece is small about 24" by 30" and is a commission.

    The stones are in Menorca, and it will have some hidden lizards in it somewhere!