Monday, 20 June 2011

Blocking in some colour

 A photo or two of process.

Blocking in some of the colour. Acrylics on stitched white cotton. No applique on this one; more of a wholecloth.

It helps when painting to just put layers on, moving around the picture as you go. I never think of it as finished until I can't move around any more. It's like doing a jigsaw puzzle, building slowly into a finished piece.
Putting in some stitching after the initial colouring, ready for overpainting.  I may colour the individual leaves, but will have to wait until a bit further forward before's a matter of seeing how it goes. It won't work to mix realism in the stones and cartoon-ism(?!) in the trees.


  1. This is so atmospheric !The colours in those stones are wonderful, to my eye it needs very little more !

  2. Thanks Suzan. The base colours are almost there, but lots more texture and depth to do....for me that it!

  3. Love it Annabel!So restful with these gentle colours


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