Thursday, 2 June 2011

New pages from altered book/sketchbook

 Well it's a miserable day here in England, with drizzly rain and a decided chill in the air, so I've been pootling around in a sketchbook/altered book.

It's all about lizards and bits about Menorca, and is self explanatory really.

The cover is photocopied information about lizards in different sized text, sewn together and gesso'd. It also has a smudge of ochre paint, but we'll leave that for now!
Lizard poetry, lizard and map from the enormous Times Atlas that I bought for a bargain (unbelievable £4.99) last year.
 Iguana and some torn pages with snippets in them.
 Fairly hasty pen and wash with bits.

 Free machined lizard; stitch on heat dissolvable cloth, strung across a cutaway in the book.

Left. The lizard collagraph on fabric, and acrylic paints with lizard cut-out.

Below: a photocopy of Menorca, stuck in and extended roughly with acrylics.

Don't forget, the secret for me with these books is not to fill them with beautiful finished pieces, but just to put everything in them that comes to mind.

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