Monday, 6 June 2011

Snowshill Manor - a look inside. (posting two:Samurai armour, poison boxes, musical instruments and spinning wheels)

 The atmosphere in this room was wonderful; the music, the lighting which was at a very low level, both in power and height. You had to peer into the gloom to see the warriors which were arranged in small groups filling the room.

He bought these just down the road from the Manor and this is just a small selection of those in his collection.

 This small room is off of one of the bedrooms and is for a collection of musical instruments.   The music playing in the background was a bit like that they used for the Netherfield Ball in Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth as Mr Darcy)

 A close up of all those recorders.
 Just a small selection of a large collection of push chairs.   Btw, these are for babies not dolls.

One of many dolls houses. I wonder if Charles Wade allowed his children to play with these?

Below are his collection of bikes, and you can just see those pushchairs again in the background.

 These are more toys, but also baby walkers.

There is a wooden one in the bottom right which is similar to todays models and is on wheels to allow baby to move around.

If you look carefully at that pole just right of the centre, you can see attached to it, near it's base, is a wooden ring. A child sat in here and was able to move round and round. It's definitely older than Victorian can tell that, because if it was Victorian, there would be machinery attached to the other end, which the child would be operating,  and someone would be making vast sums of money out of the whole affair.

Spinning Wheels
Any ideas what the scorpion is?? It's a poison box. I thought it was a boot remover but the pincer arrangement is just for show. There is a lock under a clasp on the back of the body, which allows the whole box to be opened. A safe way to store poison apparently.
 Again a very dark room with lots more cabinets.  This one houses a collection of masks.

Below is the same room but the other end of it.

 And this is the right hand side of the same room. The delightfulness of Wade's collection is epitomised in the piano which has a tortoise on it. Of course it does. Why not?


  1. ok, just leave me in the room with the spinning wheels :-)

  2. Thank you so much for posting these pictures! I am writing a book and the location is based on Snowshill Manor and the Wade collection. Your pictures helped tremendously and are just brilliant! Cheers!