Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Snowshill Manor - Posting 3. More stuffed full cabinets.

Next to the Samurai warriors, is a room lined with these cupboards which have glass fronts to them. The room has the appearance of shop windows through which you can press your nose and stare at the goodies within.

Left: embroidery including some ecclesiastical. Below an embroidered box (some stump work) containing jewellery.

 Part of an ironmongers shop by the look of it. Lovely drawers labelled with lovely things for woodworking.

Not sure of the theme of the collection below, but seems a bit random.

 A little shelf at the back of a cupboard with chess pieces and china vases, wooden acorns (nutmeg graters) and tortoishell boxes at the front.
 Charles Wade painted quite well and this cabinet was dotted with small paintings about the size of a postcard done in watercolours.
 One of the postcard sized watercolours.

Below: A harbour scene.

 And to finish with today are a couple of childrens highchairs and...
a family of shoes.

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