Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Village of Snowshill

There is nothing quite like the warm, yellow, buttery glow of summer sunshine in the Cotwolds in June.

We drove along the Fosse Way, with the roof of the car down, into the heart of the beautiful English countryside.  Grassy verges nestle beneath meandering dry stone walls, sprouting bright red poppies, dandelions and ox eye daisies. The sound of birds, and sheep bleating in the distance and the wafting smells of newly mown grass and rich bovine earthyness. Ah me, such bliss.

Our destination was Snowshill to see Snowshill Manor (later posting) but we also walked through the village itself, and took these photos for you to share.

1 comment:

  1. Fabulous! Thanks for the the buildings, all that stonework, such intriguing patterns.

    I don't even have to be envious of your description of the weather - rain clouds cleared off and we had such a beautiful AND warm day today. Hard to drag myself back inside to do the required. Just enjoyed the breeze wafting scent of lilacs to me as I lolled on the porch...