Monday, 20 June 2011

Warwick Castle - 3rd posting - Eagles, Victorian goings on including Great Grandpapa's, and the Great Hall

In 1898, Daisy, Countess of Warwick hosted a weekend party at which the principle guest was the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII.

Part of Warwick Castle is laid out with Madam Taussaud's waxworks to recreate the scene.  Most hilariously, you are met at the door by a Victorian servant of some kind, who sticking to her character, primly asks where you are from. She then leads you into the room pictured on the left, and introduces you to the throng.  DH and I were announced as the Count and Countess of Royal Leamington Spa!! Made me laugh.

As you near the figures there must be a sensor which triggers a recording as you approach, giving the idea that Daisy is talking to you.

Now, I'm especially interested in this exhibition as family legend has it that my Great Grandmother was Ladies Maid to Daisy, and my Great Grandfather was valeting for the Prince, and they met at Warwick Castle, whilst waiting up for Daisy and the Prince, who were notoriously, having an affair.

My Great Grandfather was in Royal service, becoming Steward of the 5 castles (sort of like a Butler that also did the accounts!) so the story is perfectly feasible.  My Grandmother, was the nasty one mentioned on this blog before, here.

The Boudoir
This is a waxworks of Daisy and her ladies maid, or as I like to say, Daisy and Great Granny!!

I'm sorting out some photos for my mother, and found this, very appropriate, one of  Gt Grandad done up in costume at one of the Palace fancy dress parties. Fancy dress parties were a very popular pastime I think, as I have many similar party photos but with differing costumes.

The Great Hall, filled with armoured knights and weaponry.
And bits of amazing furniture.

Another bed head

I loved this room. Such a pretty blue with all that gilding.

Plus, another pelmet for the collection.
The Tudors, courtesy of Holbein.
Henry VIII
Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn at the top facing Henry, and her sister Mary at the bottom, facing away. This is because Anne was married to him and Mary wasn't. It was Mary though who gave him an illegitimate son, and who slept with him first.

Can you see, on the left, who popped in to show me around!
Lovely, if worn, embroidered chair
One of the eagles from the Falconry display. This was the one, they managed to get to soar over Guys Tower and land. Spectacular.

This is Archie, the son of the above, who will change his feathers when grown.


  1. Your family history certainly is intriguing. Love those servant rules!

  2. You could make it intriguing, but it isn't really. Granny looked so much like Gt Grandad that there can be no doubt of the genetics imho. The servants rules are ones seen printed in many households, so I guess they must have been generally accepted. They weren't generally well paid though for their hard work. A lady's maid would have earned about £70 a year, a kitchen maid about £12, the butler about £120.

  3. My Great Gram was in service in the castle at this time. She told stories of Daisy and the ball. I wish I had been older so as to have remembered better and asked questions. I am so enjoying this tour. Thanks!