Monday, 13 June 2011

Warwick Castle - Posting 1; the outsides

It's extraordinarily expensive to get into Warwick Castle. I live very close to it and have only been about 3 times in the last 20 years because of this. It's more about family entertainment than history, but the staff are very knowledgable if you take the trouble to ask them anything. The day is filled with events and shows and it's easy to spend the entire day here, seeing falconry displays, watching a trebuchet being fired, seeing the wax works models and historic room settings, and walking the battlements.

There are various options for the day which all have different entrance fees but we chose the most basic and least expensive, so didn't see everything such as the Dungeons, and the Merlin tower.  Our basic entrance fee, at the door, was £22 per person.

Lots of interesting photos to come and a video of the trebuchet being fired, but in the meantime, here's some photos of the outside of the castle.

Seige catapult

The inside of the castle walls showing the courtyard.

 One of the towers on the battlements. You can walk around these, but be warned, it's a one way system, and you have to walk up 550 narrow stone stairs that are tightly wound in a spiral. Not for those with delicate hearts, who are elderly or disabled. Probably not for those who smoke either, or who like excessive amounts of chocolate. Not good for the pregnant, those scared of heights, or those unable to move quickly if a school party of 15 year old French children are behind you and in a hurry!! There are no turning points and no passing points until you get to the top. But it's worth it for the views, and to say you've done it.

One of the said views. Overlooking the Warwickshire countryside which is beautifully green and leafy.

Guys Tower, where the Falconers giving a display below, train their eagles to land. An amazing sight to see an eagle soaring around and landing on the castellations.
 The boat house and the River Avon.

Mill Street. This little road next to the Castle, leads to the small gardens I posted about a few days ago.

Below: view from the Orangery, with peacock.

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