Saturday, 23 July 2011

Some more Altered Book pages

 I forgot to put these photos in the last posting of the altered book which went with the last piece called Stones and Lizards.

 This one owes itself almost entirely to the Kemshalls.  Any poppy seed head does I think....I can do no better but wish I could!  Anyway this is about my friend's love of the stones and caves on the island of Menorca and the poppies that grow there.

The wording says "To sleep with Morpheus on an ebony bed and dream of ancient caves with poppies blooming at their entrances"
 Mahon town. This one has printed words about the history of Mahon and the different ways people say the name.
 Lizards in green with a bit of poetry.
This one you've seen before but I've added a bit with some words my friend said about the town. (They're the ones folded up and tied in thread) and a folded map.


  1. What lovely pages, especialy the Aboriginal inspired one. About to have a go at doing an altered book myself. Sorely tempted with your new group that you are setting up, but done want to take on more than I can hope to achieve.

  2. One of my favourite quotations - from DHLawrence:
    "if men were as much men
    as lizards are lizards
    they'd be worth looking at..."

    works best if you take men literally (i.e. male persons not just people!)

  3. Sandra: ...still thinking...

    Sharne: Hope you find the time, but if not enjoy doing the altered book. Perhaps we ought to have and altered book blog! The "aboriginal" one was just some lizards I found on some advertising leaflet, and the spots I made with a wooden skewer dipped in acrylic paint. It just grew without plan, but was enormous fun.

  4. I like the aboriginal one too. I did a bit of stick blob/aboriginal painting several years ago and found it very relaxing. I've had it in mind to have another go.

    I am very tempted by your new blog too, not least because of the interesting group of people who are coming together over there, some of whom I know already. I think I need to clear some space for myself first before I attempt to join in but I will be watching with great interest and hope that maybe there will be a space for me later.

  5. This does sound good. I am so busy at the moment, I have not been dropping in on my fav blogs. But you know, challenges are always a good idea. They revive. Please consider me!

  6. I'll send you an invite Esther. x

  7. Love the idea of a group challenge, need the treat of a deadline always toget myself moving.

  8. I like the idea of the International Group Challenge, I'd be interested in joining too...
    Claire (in Ireland)

  9. Sorry but the blog is now full. I'll be writing to you both, Claire and Paula, in the next couple of days.

  10. Claire...I need your email address - the one you use to log on to blogger for preference. A x

  11. Hi Annabel