Friday, 12 August 2011

New piece

This quilt is going to be another in the Life series, probably called "Be The Change You Want".  It's going to take a while to do, but I've made a start.

This little piece of white cotton is going to be the world.

 The colours I'm using to dye paint onto the soda soaked and dried cotton cloth, are cerulean blue, electric blue, purple and black.  I was going to thicken with manutex but found I didn't need to, and used the dye mixed with calgon and urea.
This is a snippet of the results.  Perhaps not obvious, but you might recognize the UK and Ireland, in the middle of the planet.  I will stitch and paint to make my world more lifelike when I've put in the other land masses.

It also involves some ideas from my Facebook chums about the paraphernalia which surrounds life as a woman today.

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  1. This looks exciting, I look forward to seeing how it evolves!