Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Upton House - Posting 2 (The Art Deco Bathroom and food)

Lets imagine it's the 1930's and you're mistress of Upton House preparing for dinner. Not an extravagant affair, just a few friends, who've just arrived and left their luggage in the hallway for the servants to deal with.

After seeing them settled, you go upstairs to prepare for dinner. Perhaps you might have a bath, in your newly designed art deco bathroom, which has been lined with aluminium.

 Or maybe a little rest on the chaise longue?
 You certainly might enjoy a little music and even a dance or two because your room is large enough.
The maid has prepared everything for you, including an extremely large number of unguents and perfumes .
 All the mod cons are available to keep you comfortable, including this new state of the art electric fire.
 Or maybe a quick nap, so you can stay up all night if you need to?

 The dinner gong has gone, and your guests are preparing to eat.
 The room is dressed and ready.

 The menu has been decided. It's all in French of course and had been put on the table for the guests so they know what to expect. (translation on the left)
 An enormous cast iron stirrup cup on the fireplace. The guests have bought sporting gear so maybe they will take part in the local hunt.
 Paintings by Stubbs on the walls. Brandy on the sideboard, and sweets in the dish below.

And all goes well.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, the maid has had a request from a visitor who's escaped the hubbub in search of cake. She's a nice lady, given to blogging under the name of WestCountryBuddha.
 The shelves are scoured...................
 The large Aga is filled........
And scones are dished out. Lucky WestCountryBuddha!!

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