Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Can you guess what they are yet?

Apologies for the quiet blog, but I've been on holiday and have had to do boring old decorating.  I've started adding some images to the latest piece. They have to be stitched and then painted, but here they are to baffle you.


  1. I'm especially fond of what I hope will be a bar of Cadbury's chocolate. With NO teethmarks!

  2. Hmm, very interesting! Childhood v grown-up pleasures? Can't wait to see it progressing!

  3. Almost Felicity. It's called Life (Be the change you want) and is about those things we take with us through life...some holding us back, some choices we've made, things that make us happy, and things we always want with us.

    It's a lady breaking free of some chains - which look like charm bracelets at the moment! - and striding forth across the world.