Saturday, 8 October 2011

More exhibition news.

Did you know there was such a place as the Needle Museum?? Well, there is and it's at Redditch in the Midlands. They also have regular textile exhibitions and have built quite a reputation for good quality, innovative displays.

Laura and Linda Kemshall have an exhibition on there at the moment called With Hand and Heart. Click here to get a preview and visiting details

Next September they are having another exhibition in the museum with an oriental theme, and rather excitingly, have asked me, along with these wonderful ladies, to take part: Hilary Beattie, Edwina Mackinnon, Catherine Nicholls, Stephanie Redfern, and Marie Roper.

It's not a huge space so I will be scaling down a bit, but am looking forward to the challenge.  It would be magnificent if anyone is around and feels like visiting. More details nearer the time.


  1. Can't wait Annabel! Been checking out the trains :-)

  2. that's so exciting! well deserved recognition - congratulations and hugs xx

  3. Thanks ladies. I'm so glad you may be able to go Julie, but don't think we'll be seeing Lisette there! Shame but the trains from Oz are so unreliable!