Tuesday, 22 November 2011

New purchases

Above is a pencil sketch done by a family friend Rich Inwood.  It's dystopia - an imagined place where things are unpleasant and environmentally degraded. I love it. He's kindly doing me a coloured version too.

And on the right is my new sewing machine. The old one (Pfaff 2046) and I were both suffering from tension.  The machine finally cracked under the pressure and has gone to have repairs.  This is an entry level Bernina (1008) and so far, I'm extremely pleased as it seems very sound and forgiving.  It's allowed me to free machine through all the things I've thrown at it so far. Heaven. I shall keep it just for free machining and use the Pfaff for more delicate things (assuming it's repairable of course)

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