Sunday, 27 November 2011

Productive Sunday

I was going to make a start on the large Life piece next, but although I have the necessary poses from a life model, I'm not happy about the quilts that make up the background yet.  I still need to play.

So, having myself a spot of space on a quiet Sunday, I decided to have a play with another piece based on the oriental theme for SiXandfriends.

 I've been looking at the woodcuts of Utagawa Hiroshige and felt inspired to attempt a landscape.

Left: white cloth with pencil outlines of what I want to put where. The cloth isn't even ironed. Hang your head in shame Rainbow.

I've been stretching people again! I just like the look of them. It's harder than it looks to do them but I've ended up with something that's nearly there (on the bottom right) The will make up a scene in the middle distance.
 Using cloth to start the collage.

Now this cloth is quite, quite special.  I bought it from Laura Kemshall and it is beautiful. I felt enormously brave slicing into it, but, what the heck, it's what I bought it for!

Below:  Then I got out the paints and started on the top part of the background, and darkening a few cloth edges.  I'm very pleased with the richness of the colours.

Needless to say, there's water and blossom trees in this somewhere, probably a big one on the right and a small one on the left.


  1. Wonderful layering of the fabrics Annabel..............can't wait to see the final result. The sky is fab! :-)