Sunday, 18 December 2011

And onwards in thought.

I may have stopped sewing, but as ever, my thoughts are continually turned towards quilts and paintings (nb I really really must do a portrait of Michel Roux Jnr - having watched Masterchef, he has the most expressive face and lovely smile!)

I shall be moving on to a quilt for the Leamington Spa exhibition next and have discovered that Laura Kemshall will shortly be doing large scale printing onto cloth on a commercial basis.  (that link is to the SiX and friends blog, where she describes what she's doing)

The quilt will be called Life (3) Switching Off. It's another one in the Life series, and will be an art quilt. In my mind there is a distinction between what I make and call art quilts, and the botanical or abstract ones. True they could also be considered art quilts I suppose, but increasingly, I have a need to make things which say something about life. I'm not always sure what, but it's quite fun to just let things evolve and be surprized by what comes out of the ether. They are also carefully considered though, before I begin the sewing process,  as I'm aware that both the Switching Off quilt and the Afraid Of Your Shadow quilt (which is in the pipeline) are about sensitive subjects.

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