Saturday, 7 January 2012

Orientation Piece 3 - Looking for Japanese lettering

I'm looking for the Japanese lettering for Pine Needles. Google wasn't that helpful, so if anyone knows a reliable source I'd be very grateful!!


  1. I could try and see one of the parents at school if you dont have any luck elsewhere.

  2. Thanks Sharne. I'll try and find out without putting you to the bother, but perhaps if I get stuck, you could rescue me?!! x

  3. Its not a bother, I just dont see her everyday because of the hours I work.

  4. Thanks Sharne, I've left a message on FB - easier than the blog!

  5. Hello Annabel,
    I googled "translate english to japanese" and enabled a translation after I typed in pine needles. Not being familiar with japanese writing I wouldn't know how correct it would be!!
    Best of luck.

  6. Thanks Marj. That's the problem really...I'm not sure I trust these sites to be wholly accurate. Better to do by word of mouth in the circs. Thanks for your reply though..brill :)


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