Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Paper piecing

 I have decided that I'm a bit unhinged. Why on earth would you start paper piecing a background that is complicated and curvy, when you can email Laura Kemshall and get her to print it for you?? 

Still, I have a broken toe, so sitting down with a bit of hand sewing is welcome. It's sooooo slow though and I think I might be doing this for quite a while yet.
Perhaps if you stare at the piece pinned into position at the top, you can get an effect of distance? The body is lying on a couch and that's the far end.

When I'm eventually done with it, a table and contents will be added to the foreground and the whole painted in the same manner as Life 1.

As explained in the lovely comments on the last posting, I'm not quite ready to explain this one yet, preferring you to draw your own conclusions as it builds. Hope that's ok :)


  1. Yes, the distance is working for me. Did I know your toe was broken? Ouch! Hope it heals quickly. x