Monday, 13 February 2012

Progress and the start of a new idea.

Thought I'd show the above progress on the piecing over papers which is the next stage for Life 3. It's coming along and you might be able to see how the model will eventually sit on the will become more obvious when the quilting and painting are done. The quilt needs to be "knocked back" and the figure bought forward.

On the right is a photo of something else I've started to pull together for the Orientation exhibition in September. Just ideas at the moment but I'm thinking small, simple colouring on a black background, and a bit of gold.


  1. Wow, the figure looks amazing. And there is nothing like a pattern to set off the beauty of the human form. This is going to be amazing... worth all the hard work! grace

  2. The "something else" looks very intriguing...