Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Finishing off and moving on.

It's all been fairly busy chez Rainbow this week.

The guerrilla gardening has kept me busy out of doors (it's not just the park we look after, but several very small places around the town that just need a little tweak or two every year, and spring - as every gardener knows is a busy time.
Also under the spotlight is Life 4. I hopefully, have a model for this one, so can begin to think about the finer details.  It will be about angst - or I suppose depression. That sounds terribly gloomy but the angst pictures you see on the cloth, will be knocked back with paint and images superimposed on the top, which will be altogether more cheerful.

The model will have her fists up as if she were boxing, and the quilt will be called "Fighting Back".

This "bunch of flowers" has been on Facebook and Six and Friends, but I thought I'd share how it seems to have been made, if you're interested.

It's a new plastic plant pot 1/4 filled with a small amount of large gravel to keep it steady. 7 plastic drinks cups have been stapled together to form a circle, and then forced into the plant pot, which holds them securely, and tied round with pretty paper and ribbons.  7 iced cupcakes are then put into the cups.

It was the most wonderful surprise Mothers' Day present from DD2.  DD1 sent me a Pro Falconer day allowing me to fly owls and the like.  Now isn't that truly wonderful of the pair of them? How lucky am I?

Also this week, I've been finishing off some edges.....

...and working a bit on Orientation number 3. 

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