Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Just a few photos of inspiring Oriental things taken this afternoon

 The light levels at Snowshill Manor are very low, so unless you have a tripod (which the NT don't allow) it's difficult to get non-blurry photos.

However, I was in search of inspiration, so gave it a go anyway.

Left is a picnic box. It almost looks like 1950's bakelite but is of course lacquer with gold.  I love these little boxes, with their tiny purpose made compartments for all your needs.

 I couldn't resist another one of this picnic box.  You might recognise it as it's the inspiration for the 3rd piece for  the Six and Friends exhibition. 

 The inside of one of the many cabinets. This one was next to a display of Samurai Warriors.  I would love to have more information about the pieces in the collection, and indeed a catalogue would be amazing, but there's very little written information for the visitor. 

Apparently there is a catalogue written by Charles Wade (the Victorian owner and collector) and a visitors book of all the people who came to stay in Snowshill, but they are waiting for someone to go through them and put them into a book or on line.  I'd volunteer if it was a bit nearer to home!
 One of the Samurai, showing the intricate lacing.  I have a plan for a quilting pattern from this, but I'm not sure if I'll use it yet...good to have a record though as you never know when it'll be useful.

I just can't tell you how much I love the cabinets (one seen below) which are stuffed with interesting bits and pieces.  It'd be a lovely place to go and draw, but of course you can't. It's too busy and there's no seats.

 I also wanted to collect images of foliage.  I like the way trees are depicted on these lacquer cabinets, and hope to use something similar in a quilt soon.
 These look like honesty seeds.
More foliage.  Well I have more photos but these are the clearest!!  They'll be an aide memoire I hope.

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