Thursday, 19 April 2012

Llanhydrock Posting 2

If you're really interested in the history, there are a series of journals written by the staff and volunteers at Llanhydrock so you can share their knowledge of the family, artefacts, and history of the house.  You can click on them here.  These journals give you detailed facts, which this posting will only touch on.
Yep, that's a real white tiger skin. Gross seeing it lying on the floor like that. Looks like it's fallen off a very tall building.
The Estate Office. Lots of gorgeous drawers to keep things in, and a very old typewriter. Elephants foot walking stick holder.  Yuck. Lots of dead animals around the place.

I took this one for the beautifully fitted suitcase on the bed.
Dressing Room. Can you see the trousers at the back on the stand. They seemed leather to me and I guess they'd need to be kept stretched.  I wondered if they were those trousers the Horse Guards wear?
Just a hallway stuffed with stuff.
4 eggs and two pieces of toast on the breakfast tray. 3 irons and a crimper.
The Day Nursery. (childrens play room,) and below the night nursery, which I found quite touching.

The Nanny's room, next to the night nursery.

Below: a selection of things to dose your children with.

The school room.  I wrote something a bit rude on the slate.  Corporal punishment for me I think.
I couldn't resist this pile of old leather suitcases and trunks.
Male staff bedroom. It looks very cosy.
More trunks and boxes in a room of their own.  Apologies for the blurriness but the lighting was very low.

Below: Staff livery.

A bed laid with robes of Ermin and velvet.

Having a good scrub was a bit of a palava for this visitor.
A little more luxury.

A beautiful lacy dressing table complete with ear scoops!

Below: set for tea. The cake was real.

The Long Gallery. Whilst I was visiting the room steward decided to play the piano and we were regaled with The Entertainer by Scott Joplin.  The ceiling was amazing, and the cupboards were stuffed with books.

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