Friday, 27 April 2012

Six and Friends

Do nip over to the SixandFriends blog if you'd like to follow the work and banter from everyone as we work towards the "Orientation" exhibition in September at Redditch Needle Museum, which goes on to The Bramble Patch  in March 2013 and then Minerva Arts Centre in July 2013

Yesterday we had a knees up meeting to discuss progress and meet each other in the flesh. We had a wonderfully jolly time as you can tell and Linda and Laura made us all very welcome.  Linda made some fantastic foccacia and salads, and we toured the garden and clucked to the chickens. We all piled into the DMTV studio and rummaged through the books and saw what was on the other side of that camera!!

We all have a shared passion for stitch, and colour, and texture, and design, but all the work being made is very different and it should make for a very interesting exhibition. There are links on the sidebar to the invidual members if you want to follow their blogs etc.  Cheers everyone!


  1. you all look like you're having a lovely time :)

  2. I just found your blog. I could comment on several different posts but this just grabbed me.....women coming together to celebrate their creative spirits. And I love the English countryside that i can peek at thru the window. I've got so much more to explore now that I have had that peek! Karen Alexander