Friday, 25 May 2012

Apologies for the long silence - I've been doing just about everything except sewing, but I really must crack on. This posting is me telling me just that!!

I had an exciting day on Tuesday, having gone to Buckingham Palace to a garden party with my 3 gardening chums;  it's taking me a few days to get into work mode again - that, and the fact that the sun is shining here in England at last. We've been out and about in our little MX5, buzzing round the B roads of Britain looking at gardens and having tea and cake. Bliss, absolute bliss.

The photo is of the rhododendron in my small back garden.

 For your amusement, this is me dressed in my Sunday best.

Below: some inspiring photos. I love the portrait of the island in the head of the man.  Perhaps he's dreaming about lost youth?? What a fantastic idea to take a bit further. Unfortunately I don't remember where the photo came from, but it's probably from the Artodyssey Blog (link on sidebar).

 This is the bookcase in the library of Baddesley Clinton house near to where we live.  I've been looking at how books are made. I'd really like to do a bookbinding course one day.
 I loved this idea too.
 Keys on the table at Baddesley Clinton.  I'd like keys hanging from my bookshelves - I'd like to make a symbolic key ring of some kind too.
 This is some of the Chinese wallpaper at Chatsworth House.

I didn't realize that they filled in the difficult bits and spaces round furniture, with birds and animals which they'd cut out and stuck on - it was very well done; I gazed for ages and couldn't spot any edges or glue.

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  1. I didn't know that about the wallpaper either. Who'd a thunk? I like that wrapped image too.