Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Making the background interesting

 I've decided to have bookshelves in the background of this quilt. 

Lots of peeps on FB have given me wonderful ideas and I have been able to combine these with some of my own.  It's enormous fun stitching them all prior to painting.  There will also be keys, a birthday card to Granny, a little plaque saying "Beware Grumpy Woman At Work" and little scraps of paper etc.

The quilt she's got on the machine will be Life 2 which will be hanging at the same exhibition; I thought it might be fun to show work in progress as it were!

The books are placed in odd ways. You might not notice at first, but for example, I have put a book on Herbs next to a 17th century book on Witchcraft; Delia's Complete Cookery Course next to a book on Poisons and Antedotes, Breastfeeding next to the Store Cupboard Cookbook, Art Quilts in 2012 next to Greer's Female Eunoch, the Guide to Childbirth next to Life of a Geisha, and finally at the moment, a personal fave, Dante's Inferno next to Electrical DIY for Women.  Can't help sneaking a tiny bit of  humour in there to match the slippers.


  1. Wonderful ideas, can't wait.

  2. Love those juxtapositions.
    Reminds me of those strange combinations you get when getting towards the end of packing and you don't have enough of one type of item to fill a box.
    Like the screwdrivers and spanners wrapped in a duster with a copy of the 'Soviet War Machine'

  3. brilliant! can't wait to see the next stage :)

  4. So love following your progress with this quilt - you make anything seem possible.

  5. Love the bookshelves and the idea of the exhibited quilt in the background.

  6. You are SUCH a clever girl. Love the book title juxtaposition. Hoping at least a few viewers get the joke.

  7. Thank you all for such lovely comments - it's wonderful to get them and very cheering to think of you being amused by the books :) I've had to take a couple of days off sewing and painting to do the many other things in life that are so necessary, like cleaning! I've also been working hard at the gardening lark which hasn't always been pleasant because of the rain, but there we go. I have visitors this weekend, and then on Tuesday, I'm off to have tea with the Queen so will be back in a few days.


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