Saturday, 26 May 2012

Teapot and key

I've been stitching myself a teapot for my bookshelves this morning.  My youngest daughter brought me back this beautiful teapot as a Christmas present, from Hong Kong.

Below it on the shelf you can see a key stitched in outline.  This is the only interesting key I have (plenty of Yale and boring double glazing keys of course) and it's in my collection of small and interesting things.

Laura Kemshall does excellent things with keys, both printing fabric and stitching them into her work; it's a recurring theme.  Keep your eyes open on the Sixandfriends blog.  I love keys too and the one above is going to be the key to someone's heart.....not sure just yet how I'm going to symbolise that one!

I'm also working (as we speak, one hand on the keyboard, the other on the iron!) on a postcard which will be pinned to the shelf and which says: "Your courage, Your cheerfulness, Your resolution, Will Bring Us Victory."  Of course it will :)

Oh, and just peeping out next to the collected Jane Austen novels, is The Joy of Sex!

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  1. Smiling here :-) I am still kicking myself that I gave away a beautiful heavy key years ago before I knew better. What is it about keys that attracts us? They are magical things, especially old keys. Must be the mystery. You have a very interesting collection of small thngs.