Sunday, 24 June 2012

A bit of sketching

 I haven't done much pen and ink drawing, but quite like the process as it's similar to doodling, and crosshatching is easier.

I have in mind to do two larger pieces for the Orientation exhibition as it moves on to new venues after Redditch Needle Museum in September.  I understand that the space at Minerva Arts Centre is larger, which is lovely.

I'm trying for another Life Quilt (it'll be number 6 I think by then) loosely based on life as a Geisha, and will be called "Shall I be Mother" and will involve a western style tea ceremony with cup cakes and a china teapot!

The second piece I'd like to have a go at is a still life.
 I've been collecting images of bronze teapots and jugs and thought they could all come together on a cloth covered table, with some Chinese lanterns, and other bits and bobs if I can find some.  It'd be a chance to do something a bit different and will be a huge challenge and should be great fun.

If anyone out there has anything "Oriental" that they'd like to see immortalized in a quilt, do let me know!!!
Just a sketchbook page.  I love the bright unctuous red next to the bluey greens on this one.  A combination that may surface elsewhere pretty soon.

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